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We can rekey your locks! Save money and get some new keys instead of replacing the entire lock system!

What does "rekeying" mean?

Rekeying might be fundamental if you’re concerned that some unacceptable individuals have duplicates of your keys or on the off chance that you’ve lost your keys. Rather than changing the locks’ entirety, the locksmith can change the interior pins or wafers inside the locks and make new keys for them simultaneously. The eventual outcome is all previous keys will no longer work in the lock. Rekeying a lock is much less expensive than replacing one
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We are a versatile locksmith organization!

On the off chance that you end up in a crisis, including your home, business, cabin, trailer, garage, or whatever else, call us promptly, and we will be there to help. We have worked with all types of locks, and we can either open them, change them, or make new keys on the off chance that you have lost your.
Nevertheless, these are simply a few of some of the most common ones. Obtaining a reliable locksmith professional to rekey your residential property will offer you an included sense of security as well as satisfaction because you will undoubtedly know precisely the amount of keys you have and who has those keys. It can be almost like a fresh start if you had provided your keys to many individuals or lost one.

We know our way around lock rekeying!

Your situation might seem bleak at the moment, but Al & Gord’s Mobile Lock & Key will help you get back into whatever you need, and we can either change the locks altogether or cut a new set of keys that will replace the old ones (rekeying). As an emergency mobile locksmith, we can (and will) be at your door and ready to complete the work as quickly as we can from the hour of your call.
It does not require replacing the whole lock and is a relatively simple and cost-effective treatment. An Al & Gord Locksmith can help you enhance your system to a master key or make the adjustments needed to provide you with assurance. Get your locks rekeyed by an expert, and keep your home or business secure. The more people who have had accessibility to your keys in the past, the more you need to think about a rekeying service. While changing a lock might have its benefits, lock rekeying will undoubtedly be the way to go in many situations. Several reasons lock rekeying is such a helpful alternative since: It’s much more affordable than changing a lock.

Call for a risk-free, no obligation rekeying quote!

Our emergency services are available for those who need to rekey their locks because of somebody having access to their home or business that should no longer have access.

Call us for a chat about your needs, and we can come up with a price for you. We stand behind our quotes and will give them to you in writing if you wish as well.

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Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key


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